Judith G. Halleran

“Congratulations, IESC! Although I am very proud to have worked for IESC for almost 20 years, I am especially proud of the many ways our experts contributed to the growth of private enterprises and emerging democracies all over the world and in all kinds of circumstances. Intrepid IESC volunteers traveled to the former Soviet bloc countries even before the wall fell. Later, one defense conversion project for a former state-owned Soviet company that manufactured the ‘bugs’ found in the U.S Embassy helped it produce hearing aids instead. In Sub Saharan Africa, IESC created the BizAIDS program that continues to help small businesses deal with the impact HIV/AIDS has on individuals and communities. IESC has worked in more than 130 countries in its 50 years. Today, its experts continue to work in difficult and challenging places and soon IESC volunteers will be working in China for the first time. IESC volunteers can be proud of representing the United States in such an important way.”