IESC’s Impact in Singapore

Between 1966 and 1978, IESC supported the Singaporean private sector to catalyze private sector growth. Central to this effort were highly qualified IESC expert volunteers who shared invaluable skills, knowledge, and experience gained from decades working in the American private sector. IESC’s efforts shaped marketing, production, and management practices for Singaporean export-oriented industries. See the below plaque from the Singaporean Prime Minister’s office expressing their appreciation for IESC’s support.

The letter (above left) reads:

Prime Minister Singapore

October 31, 1978

Message for the International Executive Service Corps

The expansion of trade and understanding between nations can be greatly aided by the cross fertilization of ideas between private entrepreneurs. The programme of the International Executive Service Corps in Singapore has borne this out by its successful work in a wide field of activity.

Its band of dedicated executive volunteers has had an impact upon their local counterparts. Singapore is fast expanding her export oriented manufacturing industries and evolving a new form of entreport trade as an international distribution and assembling/manufacturing centre. In these developments, these highly experienced IESC executives have contributed valuable expertise in management, international marketing and production know-how. They may in turn have gained a deeper insight in the countries they worked. I hope they have found the experience stimulating.

I would like to express the government’s appreciation to the IESC and the American business community who have made the programme possible.

Signed: Lee Kuan Yew


The plate (above right) reads:

In appreciation of the role the International Executive Service Corps has played in the economic development of Singapore and the dedicated work of the 250 IESC executives who served in Singapore between 1966 and 1978.

Ngiam Tong Dow


Singapore Economic Development Board






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