July 10, 2018

Launch of Produce Traceability System to Support Ghanaian Horticulture Compliance with International Standards
Faced with an export ban on five vegetable products starting in 2015 and increasing rejections of fresh fruit and vegetable shipments to the European Union, Ghana set a goal: meet internationally recognized food safety standards so that Ghanaian products can compete in international markets. One of the major challenges facing Ghana was…

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February 29, 2016

Businesswomen Learn to Get “Real”
By Carrol McCarren 

Photo: World Bank/Flickr

Women entrepreneurs are often motivated by different factors than men when they create a business. For many women, the decision to start a business venture is borne out of financial need, rather than a consciously chosen career path. Without enough income to support the family, a woman might begin by sewing clothes, growing tomatoes, or selling…

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