IESC Announces David Rockefeller Spirit of Service Award Winner – Carrol McCarren

The David Rockefeller Spirit of Service Award recognizes outstanding and continuing contributions to IESC. Established in 1992, the award is named for American business leader David Rockefeller, who helped found IESC. The “Spirit of Service Award” honors those who, through superior and sustained performance, dedication, and commitment, work to improve the lives of others.

For 2018, IESC recognized Carrol McCarren, for her years of volunteer service in supporting IESC’s mission. Carrol worked to improve the capacity of institutions and entrepreneurs through her completion of 14 overseas volunteer projects in Armenia, Georgia, Ghana, and Indonesia. She used her small business management skills to help non-profits and foundations grow their fundraising capabilities and to assist women entrepreneurs to expand their companies through business mentoring and training on the development of business plans. She even supported IESC while on personal travel, meeting with local organizations and linking them with IESC programs to expand their markets, improve efficiency, and increase sales.

Following her work overseas for IESC, Carrol volunteered for more than 10 years in the home office, becoming a valued part of the home office team. IESC’s loan originator program benefited from Carrol’s review and vetting of worldwide investment opportunities and applications. She used her outstanding recruiting skills to identify highly skilled volunteers for assignments on IESC global programs. She also contributed significantly to IESC’s new business efforts, through research, recruiting, and relationship building with new partners. Her outreach efforts for IESC events, such as our 50th anniversary in 2014, were extremely valuable. Carrol’s dedication and contributions to IESC are appreciated and it is an honor to have her as our 2018 David Rockefeller Spirit of Service award recipient.

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