Businesses in the ABADE Program Recognized in Mazar-e Sharif


In Mazar-e Sharif, ABADE partners with businesses in a wide range of industries.

On April 10, USAID honored 35 ABADE investment partners in a ceremony in Mazar-e Sharif.

With ABADE’s assistance, the 35 Afghan entrepreneurs have invested more than $3 million to expand their businesses and create 700 new jobs over the next several years. The companies span a range of industries, from food manufacturing and agribusiness, clothing and furnishings production, construction material production, metal fabrication, to carpentry, digital printing, and geoscience services.

IESC began implementing the ABADE Program in 2012. To date, the program has developed investment partnerships with more than 280 Afghan small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them reduce risks involved with business expansion, sustain growth, and create new jobs.

Read the full USAID press release.

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