A Statement from IESC Regarding Racial Injustice in the United States

We at IESC believe that Black lives matter. We believe in equity of opportunity, and treatment under the law, for Black people in the United States and around the world. The killing of George Floyd by the police in Minnesota clearly demonstrates that there is much work to do regarding equity of treatment and opportunity for Black people in the United States. Our thoughts are with all affected, especially the families and communities impacted by these events.

As a Washington, DC based international development organization, we afforded our home office staff the opportunity to take some time off of work in recent days to reflect, grieve, participate in a peaceful protest regarding racial injustice, and/or volunteer to help others. As equity is a central value of ours in the work that we do around the world, these recent events are however a strong reminder that we, as Americans, can and must do more here at home in the United States.

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