Equipping Macedonian Youth with Digital Skills

Driving North Macedonia’s Economic Growth with a Skilled Workforce

North Macedonia’s university students are gaining valuable digital skills through an innovative training program hosted at the Inno Fab Lab – a specialized facility equipped with advanced technology and resources for digital fabrication and innovation. This initiative, supported by the USAID Youth Actively Create Opportunities Activity and implemented by IESC, focuses on enhancing students’ expertise in 3D technology through collaboration with the local Association Inno Tech Club.

During the hands-on training sessions, students delved into various aspects of 3D technology, including 3D printing, modeling, g-code, and scanning. Leveraging state-of-the-art techniques and infrastructure, they transformed plastic waste into functional printing resources, contributing to environmental sustainability and cost-effective material production.

When asked about their career aspirations, some expressed a desire to pursue success locally, highlighting the opportunities available within North Macedonia. “I firmly believe that in North Macedonia, success is attainable through dedication and continuous learning,” said Maksim Panovski, a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies in Skopje. Others contemplated broadening their skillset through international experiences with the possibility of returning to contribute to the development of their homeland. “I might go abroad to learn new skills not available here in North Macedonia and perhaps come back here to apply the knowledge I’ve gained,” said Damjan Mihajloski, a fellow student within the same faculty.



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