IESC’s 2020 Annual Report

IESC is pleased to share its 2020 Annual Report. During an extremely challenging year due to COVID-19, we are proud of the difference we made and the significant progress our programs achieved toward our mission of improving lives, creating jobs, and helping enterprises grow. We hope you will enjoy reading about the results we achieved and the lasting impact we made for communities around the world.

With the support of our dedicated staff, partners, volunteers, and consultants, IESC supported people and businesses to adapt to a new reality under COVID-19. We supported growing enterprises, expanded international trade, and built a resilient workforce well-equipped to support economic recovery in a post-pandemic world. We also worked to make finance and investment more accessible, improve the business enabling environment, and support farmers and rural enterprises to improve yields, incomes, and food security.

While 2020 brought major challenges, we are proud of our efforts to support enterprises and communities to address new challenges related to the pandemic. We look forward to continuing this work—and thank you for your continued support in doing so.

View our annual report in a desktop-friendly version (PDF)

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