U.S – Morocco Free Trade Agreement Workshops in Tangier on June 7-9, 2010

Rabat, Morocco –– The United States Embassy in Rabat and the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) are pleased to announce an upcoming Trade Capacity Building Workshop entitled “Maximizing Trade under the U.S. – Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA)”, which will be held in Casablanca on June 14-16, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers Casablanca for companies interested in expanding their business under the FTA. The workshop will provide local firms a better understanding of how to promote products and services in the U.S., identify trends in the American market, improve business strategies to export to the U.S., and navigate U.S. customs regulations. Additionally, attendees are eligible to sign-up for and receive one-on-one consulting services, allowing business owners to have customized consultations with the US trade experts resulting in personalized action plans. The workshop and mentoring sessions are free of charge. Pre-registration for the FTA seminar is required. To register for this seminar and the follow-on training session, please visit: www.iesc.org/fta

On June 15, 2004, the United States signed the FTA with the Kingdom of Morocco and this agreement entered into force on January 1, 2006. The U.S.-Morocco FTA is intended to further strengthen America’s economic linkages with the Kingdom of Morocco and is a symbol of the commitment to further develop the positive political and economic relationship shared by both countries.

This workshop is conducted in cooperation with the the Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc (CGEM), the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), and the Moroccan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AFEM) in Morocco. The workshop is part of the Trade Capacity Building Program which is funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and implemented by the International Executive Services Corps. A similar workshop will be held in Casablanca June 14-16, 2010. Additional FTA Workshops in the region were conducted on May 9-11, 2010 in Manama, Bahrain and May 15-17, 2010 in Muscat, Oman.

IESC seeks to promote stability and prosperity around the world through private enterprise development. IESC offers programming globally, and has contributed successfully to the growth and development of private enterprises as well as private sector institutions in more than 130 countries since its inception.

This project is funded through the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). MEPI is a unique program designed to engage directly with and invest in the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). MEPI works to create vibrant partnerships with regional citizens to foster the development of pluralistic, participatory, and prosperous societies throughout the MENA region. MEPI partners with local, regional and international non-governmental organizations, the private sector, academic institutions, and governments. More information about MEPI can be found at: www.mepi.state.gov.


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