Senator Richard Blumenthal

“Congratulations to the Board, the volunteers, and all the staff – past and present – of International Executive Service Corps on reaching your 50th anniversary. This is a tremendous achievement, of which IESC and all Americans should be very proud. IESC has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Connecticut in 1964, when David Rockefeller first came up with the idea of sending American entrepreneurs to developing countries to share their skills and experiences. Since then, the volunteers and staff of IESC, often working in close collaboration with federal agencies such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, have implemented thousands of programs in over 130 countries. These development projects leave behind a remarkable legacy of increased economic stability and skills, burgeoning private businesses, and strengthened public and private institutions. Every individual volunteer you send abroad gives the world a first-hand experience of America’s ingenuity and expertise. From helping local farmers to feed the growing population of Afghanistan to training the fledgling diplomatic corps of Southern Sudan, IESC’s recent achievements show that your volunteer experts continue to be invaluable. As a representative of the people of Connecticut in the United States Senate, I am proud that an organization as successful as IESC started life in our great state. Again, many congratulations to the IESC community on your 50th anniversary. I have no doubt that IESC will continue to go from strength to strength, helping entrepreneurs and communities in developing countries to prosper, while making new friends and trading partners for the United States.”