USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program

Building a pathway between skills training and high-value employment opportunities


The program’s approach is to engage a broad stakeholder base to leverage private and public investment into skills training programs and increase high-value employment opportunities for Georgian citizens. The program engages with local and foreign business associations, national and international investment organizations, corporations, Chambers of Commerce, and critical public sector stakeholders to closely monitor and respond to ongoing and planned changes in labor market needs.

Central to achievement of results under the program is an innovative approach to competitive grants, which allow the program to respond to gaps in the supply of skilled workers to meet high-growth industry needs, as well as address the needs of priority populations such as youth, women, rural populations, ethnic minorities, and students with disabilities. The grants are performance and milestone based and mobilize cost-share from grantees and other investors, while utilizing a pay-for-results incentive, as appropriate, to reward innovation, job placement, and inclusion of underserved populations. The cost-share requirement ensures grantee buy-in, while accreditation and certification efforts ensure the sustainability of programs. At the sector level, the program will leave behind a network of training providers with scalable and replicable partnership models for private sector engagement in skills development.


The USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program is a five-year initiative designed to create pathways between skills training and high-value employment opportunities, empowering Georgians to reduce unemployment and catalyze sustainable economic growth across the country. Implemented by IESC, the program incentivizes businesses in high-growth industries to systematically engage in innovative skills development, while engaging skills training providers to implement high-quality training programs aligned with labor market demand and extend access to their offerings throughout Georgia. Training programs target underrepresented members of society, including residents of rural communities, women, and ethnic minorities.

Program details

Funder: USAID

Project duration: 2021 to 2026

Award: $24 million

Subcontractor: The Center for Training and Consultancy, a leading Georgian NGO supporting the strengthening of human and organizational capabilities.

The program also works closely with the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Health, Labor and Social Affairs and agencies like the National Skills Agency to monitor labor market and skills supply developments.


  • Leveraged $24.14 million in commitments from the private sector and Government of Georgia to launch more than 65 partnerships
  • Launched 168 training programs with 7,000 enrollees, half of whom are women
  • Upskilled more than 577 trainers
  • Helped 62 percent of upskilled students secure new or better jobs
  • Supported 41 towns throughout all regions of Georgia
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