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Radio for Peace Building in Northern Mali


To keep the peace in northern Mali, to support counter-terrorism efforts, and to promote democratic reform, Radio for Peace Building in Northern Mali increased radio broadcast in these remote regions using minimal technology and promoted media freedom by producing radio programs to combat terrorist ideology in conflict-prone areas. The program was run by IESC’s Geekcorps™, a cohort of skilled digital and applied technology expert volunteers who embrace a challenge.

Activities And Approaches

The program engaged community support and participation to construct new radio stations upgrade an existing one in the remote regions of Northern Mali—in the areas around Kidal, Timbuktu, and Gao. Geekcorps partnered with the Association of Malian Radio Broadcasters to meet the program goals.

In addition to the technical work to build the stations, including solar-powered transmitters designed to resist heat and dust in Mali’s harsh climate, Geekcorps organized workshops and training for radio managers, journalists, community management committees, and technicians on all aspects of managing a radio station that is both profitable and useful for their communities.


  • 11 fully staffed radio stations were established
  • 12 OpenFM transmitters that broadcast a clear 360° signal for 55 kilometers were constructed
  • 120 station managers, producers, announcers, and technicians were trained
  • 1325 people participated in community mobilization workshops

Funder: USAID
Project Duration: 2007-2010
Award: $2.1 million


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