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MENA Farmer to Farmer

Activities And Approaches

As leader of the access to finance activities, IESC fields technical volunteer experts to help farms and agricultural enterprises overcome financial hurdles to food safety and quality.

IESC volunteers support financial institutions to better serve farm enterprises that seek to infrastructure upgrades to improve quality of fresh and processed agricultural products.


This program mobilizes U.S. volunteer experts to Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco to advance food safety and increase access to rural finance, while promoting environmental sustainability. Farmer-to-Farmer uses American volunteer expertise to generate rapid, sustained and broad-based economic growth in the agricultural sector. It also promotes international goodwill, an understanding of U.S. foreign assistance, and private involvement in global development activities.

Selected Results

  • ~60 volunteers
  • ~1000 days of volunteer service
  • 800 people receiving formal training, including staff at financial insitutions

Funder: USAID
Lead Implementer: Land O’ Lakes International Development
Administrator: Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance 
Project Duration
: 2014-2018
Award: $800,000 (IESC), $8 million (total award)


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