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The USDA Food for Progress-funded Market-Oriented Dairy catalyzes sustainable growth in Sri Lanka’s dairy sector. It supports farmers and other related enterprises to meet increased demand for fresh milk and dairy.

Activities And Approaches

IESC takes a market-driven approach to growing Sri Lanka’s dairy sector. The program activities respond to sector needs and leverage market opportunities.

The program improves the availability of quality products and services—such as feed or artificial insemination—for dairy farmers. We introduce and train on best practices in dairy farm management and improve quality standards and sanitary practices on the farm, at collection, and during transport.

Market-Oriented Dairy also connects buyers, sellers, suppliers, and service providers, along the dairy value chain with up-to-date information and communication technology platforms, including a mobile app that quickly matches people with dairy goods and services in their area.

On this program, IESC leverages its database of highly skilled volunteer experts to provide targeted, demand-driven assistance to dairy entrepreneurs.


  • 4,762 individuals receiving financial services
  • 41 public-private partnerships formed
  • 77 dairy input retail operations established
  • 10,691 individuals who have applied improved farm management practices
  • 13,164 hectares of land are under improved techniques or technologies
  • $19.84M in public and private sector investment leveraged
  • $49.5M in sales by project beneficiaries
  • $4.06M in loans provided as a result of assistance
  • 76% increase in milk production of assisted beneficiaries
  • 56% of beneficiaries adopted >10 best practices
  • 99% of beneficiaries adopted at least 1 best practice
  • 21,190 subscribers to new mobile extension service
  • Partnering with all 17 major dairy processing companies and collectors in country

Funder: USDA Food for Progress
Project Duration: 2017-2024
Award: $27.6 million


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