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Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs

Activities And Approaches

IESC takes a two-pronged approach that supports both parties of small business finance: the borrower and the lender. The program partners with USAID’s Development Credit Authority loan guarantee program to help banks that partner on the program to use it more effectively and “put local wealth to work.”

The program identifies potential borrowers, supports them in the loan process, and assists with business planning and growth.

The program trains and coaches bank staff on administering, managing, and structuring loans to the agricultural sector in five focus areas: sorghum, millet, rice, livestock, and agroforestry.

IESC provides business development services to better grow and manage micro- and small business activities and business associations and provides support to access new markets.


This program expands access to credit for enterprises in the agriculture sector and for women-owned businesses in Mali. Through training, coaching, and mentoring, IESC strengthens these businesses to become credit worthy borrowers and works similarly with banks and other financial institutions to grow their ability and willingness to lend to these groups.


  • 7 million in agricultural loans
  • 10 new loan products available
  • 90,000 farmer and other enterprises receive assistance

Funder:: USAIDSida
Project Duration: 2015-2020
Award: $2.8 million


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