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Facilitating Economic Growth

Activities And Approaches

Facilitation Economic Growth brought new technology to Sri Lanka, strengthened institutions to support long-term economic recovery, and developed new value chains that link small-scale farmers to markets.

AGOA+ delivered firm-level assistance to companies to take advantage of AGOA trade opportunities through a range of services, from assistance with international trade certifications (organic, Fair Trade, etc.) and participation in trade shows and buyers’ missions to technical and managerial support to meet quality standards and increase productivity.

IESC leveraged existing business membership organizations and government agencies in Ethiopia and strengthened them to better support the private sector.

IESC expanded financing opportunities for women entrepreneurs and attracted Ethiopian diaspora investment. IESC trained and vetted banks that offered USAID loan guarantees and extended the guaranteed loans to women entrepreneurs.


This project began a few short months after the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war. Facilitating Economic Growth revitalized the post-conflict economy through rapid, flexible technical support to individual businesses, cooperatives, NGOs, and government institutions in post-conflict regions throughout Sri Lanka, including Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Select Results

  • 4,000 dairy farmers were connected to a large Sri Lankan dairy company
  • 1 new childhood nutrition product was developed by a cereal company after IESC assistance
  • 829 days of assistance provided to government agencies and NGOs, including a new hands-on training methodology for agriculture and livestock officers
  • 8 handicraft businesses were trained and prepared to apply for Fair Trade certification.
  • Farmed fishery costs were reduced by ~35% after improving supply chain management.

Funder: USAID through the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
Administrator: Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
Project Duration: 2009-2014
Award: $3.2 million


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