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Capacity Building and Change Management

Activities And Approaches

In a complex environment such as Afghanistan, IESC developed an approach that would inspire change from the inside out.

The program leveraged about 200 highly skilled, well-educated Afghans to serve as change management specialists. Specialists were embedded throughout the ministry and matched with civil servants to provide on-the-job training and mentoring. Change management specialists shared their knowledge and effectively bridged past institutional knowledge with modern global best practices.

The program collaborated with MAIL to establish centralized systems for financial management and oversight and improved coordination across a very large ministry.

The program delivered training and introduced tools to improve program management and leadership at the national and provincial levels in order to improve operations and services to farmers and herders at the local level.


The Capacity Building and Change Management Program in Afghanistan strengthened the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock to provide efficient and effective services to Afghanistan’s most critical sector: agriculture. About 80 percent Afghans are involved in farming and herding, but after 30 years of war and conflict, agricultural exports lag and millions of people don’t get enough to eat. IESC partnered with the ministry to modernize and streamline its internal systems and improve overall management.


  • 31648 person days of formal training delivered to ministry staff
  • 95% of staff surveyed have trust in their supervisor
  • 253% increase in internet bandwidth at national and provincial offices
  • 5892 financial transactions completed through centralized system

Funder: USDA through the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
Project Duration: 2010-2014
Award: $36 million


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