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Capacity Building and Change Management II

Activities And Approaches

The program facilitated institutional change from the inside out and guided by development methodology of “by Afghans, for Afghans.” The program leveraged highly skilled, well-educated Afghans to serve as change management specialists, who were embedded throughout the ministry and matched with civil servants to provide on-the-job training and mentoring.

The program trained civil servants to manage people and systems and effectively and efficiently oversee a large operating and development budget.

The program upgraded systems, processes, equipment, infrastructure, and connectivity and communications.

Strengthen the ministry’s capacity to prioritize, plan, budget, and secure resources to support extension services delivered at the provincial and local level to farmers and herders.


This program strengthened the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock at the national, provincial, and local level to provide better services to Afghanistan’s farmers and herders and to support the growth of the country’s agriculture sector. Following on the success of the first capacity building program (link to CBCMP), this program extended its activities down to the local level, providing technical services the ministry headquarters, 20 provinces, and 50 local agriculture offices in Afghanistan’s agricultural regions.


  • ~1700 civil servants receive on-the-job training and mentoring
  • 160% increase in ministry’s budget spending and management ability
  • $122 million in funded agricultural development projects, after proposal training from the program

Funder: USDA through the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
Project Duration: 2014-2017
Award: $19.9 million


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