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Capacity Building of Cambodia’s Local Organizations

Activities And Approaches

To give local organizations the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to effectively manage and allocate their resources, the program provides support to a broad range of Cambodian NGOs working in health, agriculture, and governance:

  • Group training
  • Customized one-on-one assistance to individual organizations
  • Organizational assessments and improvement plans
  • Networking and other informal learning opportunities

The organizations receive training and support directly from the program staff, from local and international consultant experts, and from IESC volunteer experts.


Cambodia is home to many non-governmental and mission-driven organizations that address the country’s challenges. This program improves the financial and organizational management of these organizations to build strong local development partners for U.S. foreign assistance initiatives. Ultimately this program aims to build sustainable institutions that will help the country’s most vulnerable populations into the future.

Selected Results

  • ~100 organizations with lowered financial risk assessment
  • ~1100 NGO employees receive technical training
  • ~70 organizations receive tailored assistance to improve financial and organizational management

Funder: USAID
Administrator:  Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
Project Duration: 2014-2019
Award: $1.9 million


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