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The USAID Youth Actively Create Opportunities Activity is seeking full applications for grants activities that accelerate and expand upon Activity’s objectives to address youth priorities and increase youth economic opportunities, competencies and youth civic engagement in North Macedonia. Please find the grant packages available here:

Request For Application – Youth Actively Create Opportunities Announcement and General Information

Full applications are due no later than October 9, 2023, 14:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours) and should be submitted in electronic copy. All applications should reference RFA number and the grant technical description, namely Rapid Response Grant, Challenge Grant and/or Sustainable Growth Grant.

Electronic copies or PDF format of the originals should be emailed to: yacogrants@iesc.org.

Please use the following link to access Questions and Answers about the Grant Program:

The virtual information sessions for this Request for Application announcement were held on September 12th and 14th, 2023.

To access the PowerPoint presentations please use the links provided below:


The Republic of North Macedonia is undergoing fundamental socioeconomic changes that are opening doors for long-term economic development.  In such a context, the need for youth-driven initiatives that facilitate youth integration into high-growth economic sectors is key. The five-year USAID Youth Actively Create Opportunities Activity implemented by Improving Economies for Stronger Communities (IESC) seeks to seize this window of opportunity and strengthen the Macedonian workforce development system and contribute to youth-led development.

Activity Resources and Materials

Internships Flyer (English)

Activity Objectives

The overall goal of the USAID Youth Actively Create Opportunities Activity is to increase positive youth contributions to society and collective youth leadership across North Macedonia. To achieve this, IESC and Macedonian partners Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) Hub Skopje and Youth Educational Forum (YEF) prioritize a youth-centered local systems approach to jointly implement activities under the Activity’s three Components:

The Activity creates and facilitates youth engagement opportunities with the private sector, collaborates with local authorities to strengthen youth programming, creates employment avenues for trained youth, supports green jobs, and bolsters youth entrepreneurship and social engagement.

The Activity supports youth access to specialized, innovative, and entrepreneurial skill building initiatives, and facilitates youth connections to career guidance and mentorship opportunities. The Activity puts a specific emphasis on building youth skills and participation in policy reform, social entrepreneurship, and anti-corruption.

The Activity strengthens the capacities of youth groups; supports youth initiatives through grants; promotes research, community leadership, and service; and facilitates initiatives for changing cultural values about corruption.

Expected Results

The five-year Activity aims to reach 10,000 youth to improve their awareness and understanding of social and economic opportunities in North Macedonia, helping them be more connected to their communities and have a positive vision for the future. This includes 6,000 youth trained with 50% of female participation in youth leadership programs.

Funder: USAID

Project Duration: 2023-2028

Award: $7 million

Partners: Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) Hub Skopje and Youth Educational Forum (YEF)

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