Our Work

Institutional Capacity Building

Strengthening institutions

Strong systems, processes, and infrastructure are essential for organizations to succeed. By offering tools and proven solutions to strengthen these areas in cooperation with institutional leaders, we help all we work with “level up” while becoming more sustainable.

Approach and Expertise

We build the technical, managerial, operational, and financial capacity of public and private organizations, from small enterprises and large firms to trade associations and government bodies

  • We always tailor our approaches to the needs of organizations.
  • We employ methods that leave behind a re-engineered institutional framework and easily applicable skills.
  • We pair theoretical instruction with practical (including on-the-job) training and mentorship.
  • Our volunteer practitioners foster peer-to-peer learning.
  • We cultivate public-private partnerships and alliancesthat identify policy issues and create joint action plans to address them.

Our Work in Action

In Afghanistan, we engaged Afghan professionals and embedded them throughout the economically important agriculture ministry to provide long-term, one-on-one coaching, training, and mentoring to their Afghan civil servant counterparts.

In Cambodia, we conduct organizational capacity assessments with community-based organizations and develop targeted, tailored improvement plans based on the assessment. Through a combination of group training and one-on-one coaching and mentoring, delivered by experienced international volunteers and consultants, we support these organizations to continuously improve internal administrative operations..

In Sri Lanka, we built the capacity of the Board of Investment, helping the agency to improve Sri Lanka’s ability to generate foreign direct investment. One part of this was to restructure the board’s management to put an increased focus on new opportunities and investment promotion.

Our Impact:


Cambodia’s community-based organizations that went from high financial risk to medium/low financial risk after IESC capacity building


Increase in Afghan agriculture ministry ability to spend budget with improved processes, systems, and accountability.


Days of capacity building assistance to Sri Lankan nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, and public institutions (2009-2014)

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