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Dominican Farmers Take on a Tiny, Formiddable Foe

Guido Morel’s Chinese eggplant and Indian Bitter melon grow amid rows of vibrant yellow marigolds and sunflowers on his farm in the heart of oriental vegetable production in the Dominican Republic. Other farmers in the region know about Guido and his eggplant. The harvest he recently delivered to an exporter’s packinghouse was categorized as “gold”—in other words, blemish-free and uniform in shape.
September 1, 2017/by actualize studio

Senator Richard Blumenthal

"Congratulations to the Board, the volunteers, and all the staff - past and present - of International Executive Service Corps on reaching your 50th anniversary. This is a tremendous achievement, of which IESC and all Americans should be very proud. IESC has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Connecticut in 1964, when David Rockefeller first came up with the idea of sending American entrepreneurs to developing countries to share their skills and experiences. Since then, the volunteers and staff of IESC, often working in close collaboration with federal agencies such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, have implemented thousands of programs in over 130 countries. These development projects leave behind a remarkable legacy of increased economic stability and skills, burgeoning private businesses, and strengthened public and private institutions. Every individual volunteer you send abroad gives the world a first-hand experience of America's ingenuity and expertise. From helping local farmers to feed the growing population of Afghanistan to training the fledgling diplomatic corps of Southern Sudan, IESC's recent achievements show that your volunteer experts continue to be invaluable. As a representative of the people of Connecticut in the United States Senate, I am proud that an organization as successful as IESC started life in our great state. Again, many congratulations to the IESC community on your 50th anniversary. I have no doubt that IESC will continue to go from strength to strength, helping entrepreneurs and communities in developing countries to prosper, while making new friends and trading partners for the United States."
June 4, 2014/by actualize studio

Tom Davis

"Congratulations to the International Executive Services Corps as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. As an early teen in 1964 I was inspired by the ideals of the Peace Corps but unable to act on my ambition to serve. The notion however sat latent through the course of my education, military service and then 31 years of corporate life, most of which took place in developing and emerging countries. Here I saw the need for better organization models, improved management and stronger business acumen. As I 'retired' in 2010, I knew I had acquired some useful knowledge and skills that could be put to good use in the right organization. When a friend pointed me towards IESC, I knew I had found the perfect opportunity to serve."
June 4, 2014/by actualize studio

Getting Their Hands Dirty: F2F Volunteers Collaborate to Preserve Lebanon’s Biodiversity

F2F MENA volunteers team up to support a mission-driven environmental…
August 28, 2018/by Samantha Rosenberg

Judith G. Halleran

"Congratulations, IESC! Although I am very proud to have worked for IESC for almost 20 years, I am especially proud of the many ways our experts contributed to the growth of private enterprises and emerging democracies all over the world and in all kinds of circumstances. Intrepid IESC volunteers traveled to the former Soviet bloc countries even before the wall fell. Later, one defense conversion project for a former state-owned Soviet company that manufactured the 'bugs' found in the U.S Embassy helped it produce hearing aids instead. In Sub Saharan Africa, IESC created the BizAIDS program that continues to help small businesses deal with the impact HIV/AIDS has on individuals and communities. IESC has worked in more than 130 countries in its 50 years. Today, its experts continue to work in difficult and challenging places and soon IESC volunteers will be working in China for the first time. IESC volunteers can be proud of representing the United States in such an important way."
June 4, 2014/by actualize studio

IESC Hosts Second Fellow from President Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

IESC—International Executive Service Corps—is delighted…
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