English Language Courses Held in Afghanistan Province

IESC is the primary implementing organization for the Capacity Building and Change Management Program (CBCMP) for the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock in Afghanistan. The program was designed to help the Ministry modernize and improve its administrative capability so farmers receive better services. Currently in its fourth year, the CBCMP is focusing most of its activities on assistance to Afghanistan provinces.

Jawzjan is one of the eleven DAILs – regional departments of the Ministry ‘ that are receiving assistance from the CBCMP. In March 2013, Gul Amin Fahim, a Senior Provincial Management Specialist, was assigned to the Jawzjan DAIL. In his first few months, he conducted a needs assessment to map training priorities. Gul Amin identified English language courses as the highest priority because the knowledge of English would enable civil servants learn computer skills.

The CBCMP funded a six-month English training course which began in May 2013. Global Partners International, a UK based NGO, taught the course to 21 DAIL civil servants and to the female staff. In order to be selected for the training course, the civil servants had to go through a rigorous application process and demonstrate their commitments. The course was held on DAIL premises to avoid transportation costs. The civil servants attended the training for two hours a day, five days a week. They also had to take a test at the beginning of the course to measure their progress.

‘I want to learn English because it is an international language, which will enhance my communication with DAIL partners and donors. Knowing English also helps me use computers,’ said Jawzjan DAIL Director, who also took the course. Apart from his role in organizing the English language course, Gul Amin has been helping the DAIL management prepare the annual work plan, improve reporting skills, write project proposals and coordinate events.

The CBCMP has also established a stable internet connection in the Jawzjan DAIL and has trained DAIL staff in using computers as well as the internet. The Jawzjan DAIL ICT Manager Mr. Mohammad Nazif Sofizada commented, “CBCMP has trained me on a number of things, and it’s positively impacted my work. I can now make ethernet cable connections, configure different types of wireless routers, troubleshoot all kinds of computer hardware and software problems and manage many other IT issues.”

This success story was made possible through support provided by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Office of Country and Regional Affairs under the terms of Cooperative Agreement No. 58-3148-1-042. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.