ABADE Team Organizes to help Afghan Children Stay Warm this Winter

Sohail Shariq (center) organized a fundraising effort to buy winter prep kits for local Afghan children. He is pictured here with some of the children who received warm winter clothing.


The winter temperature in Kabul can get pretty cold, around 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and down into the teens at night. For the ABADE Program team, the approaching winter is a concern. Not for themselves, but for the local Afghan children, many of whom work on the street and may not have proper clothing to stay warm.

So they decided to do something about it.

‘In an effort to help the children who live and work around us in Kabul, the ABADE team collected donations to provide winter prep kits to 100 children,’ wrote Sohail Shariq, a deputy team lead on the program and leader of the charity initiative. Shariq and a colleague went to a wholesale store and bought jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, and socks, which they packaged up and distributed to local children.

IESC’s CEO and president, Tom Miller, was impressed by the staff’s generosity. ‘I often say that at IESC, we don’t just work the problem at hand, and your kind charitable work, which is clearly outside the scope of the ABADE Program, speaks to this IESC spirit,’ Miller wrote.

Shariq says they are still receiving funds and will prepare additional winter prep kits to help more kids in Kabul keep warm.

The Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises (ABADE) Program has formed more than 200 public’private investment partnerships with Afghan small and medium enterprises to help them realize their plans for expansion. Implemented by IESC and funded by USAID, the four-year project started in October 2012.