Trade and Enterprise

IESC is committed to improving competitiveness and export capabilities of enterprises around the world. IESC works to facilitate market entry, create business linkages, capitalize on free trade agreements, and unlock the potential of the private sector as an engine for growth.

No country in the past 50 years has sustained high levels of economic growth without significantly expanding its trade and investment capacity. IESC helps developing countries and emerging economies improve competitiveness by targeting markets for value-added exports, building capacity to meet technical requirements and industry standards, employing appropriate equipment and technologies, increasing access to finance, and strengthening business support institutions.

We implement interventions across the spectrum, from national policy to industry-wide training to firm-level assistance, and all along the value chain.

Because of our work on the USAID-funded Africa Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA+) Program,  Ethiopia now has a chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce and an outreach investment initiative aimed at the Ethiopian diaspora.

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