Our New Partnership with AARP: The First Volunteers Are in China

26-Jul-2014 Categories: China Press Releases

IESC has teamed with AARP to deliver a new volunteer program in China to advise Chinese organizations on global best practices and standards. Our first group of senior experts are currently on the ground.

iesc deliver volunteer program china executive aarp  
Andrea Patrick discussing the new volunteer program at a meeting in Beijing earlier this year

Experienced industry professionals in food safety and meat processing, green energy production, supply chain management, and sinkholes are providing advice and analysis to Chinese organizations seeking to improve their performance and create safer, more sustainable businesses.

The collaboration with AARP is a natural one. Both organizations have long and distinguished histories. IESC and AARP both strive to create opportunities for experienced and talented Americans who want to be globally engaged.

The first four volunteers have been posted for two weeks in Shandong Province, Shanxi Province, and Fujian Province.

“We are thrilled about this new partnership with AARP and all of its potential,” said Andrea Patrick, IESC’s associate vice president for volunteer services. “We believe this collaboration can only strengthen IESC’s ability to deploy senior expertise to address contemporary economic and development challenges."

For example, China is actively seeking to improve air quality, reduce its carbon footprint and to create a green energy industry. Volunteer Charles Feghali, an expert from Virginia, is working with a company in Fujian to assess the viability of a biomass energy production facility in the province.

IESC has a reputation for understanding local clients’ needs and matching them with uniquely qualified U.S. technical and business experts. In China, IESC and AARP are targeting opportunities to improve environmental conditions, processes, and safety, and address issues of sustainability that have an impact not only in China, but across its borders—and even globally.

In China, our partners are the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel

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