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US Baby Boomers to Provide Talent Pool for China 

21-Nov-2013 Categories: China Press Releases
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ambassador Tom Miller, President and CEO of International Executive Service Corps (IESC) discussed the competition for global talent at the Shenzhen Forum on Competition ... read more

IESC Participates in the Conference on International Exchange of Professionals  

12-Nov-2013 Categories: China Press Releases
IESC President and CEO Tom Miller with the head of SAFEA, Zhang Jianguo. IESC participated and had a booth on the 12th Conference on International Exchange of... read more

IBEX Chief of Party Featured in Liberian Entrepreneurs Summit Co-sponsored by Forbes Magazine 

06-Nov-2013 Categories: Liberia Press Releases
IESC's Watchen Bruce attends the 2013 Liberia Entrepreneurial Exchange. Sponsored by Forbes Magazine and the Liberian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, this business summit brought international philanthropists and... read more

Expansion Program (IBEX) Working Together to Break Down Access to Finance Barriers  

04-Nov-2013 Categories: Liberia Press Releases
A new article on Building Markets discusses ow Building Market’s Factor Finance for Procurement and Investing for Business Expansion Program are working together to break down barriers to finance. Click to read the... read more

Graduates of Small Business Development Training Program in Tunisia Will Encourage Job Growth 

28-Jun-2013 Categories: Press Releases Tunisia
On June 28, 2013 officials from Tunisia’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Industry, along with representatives from USAID, presented diplomas to 63 graduates of the Small Business... read more

Five Afghan Companies Form Public-Private Alliances with USAID 

19-Jun-2013 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases

Five Afghan companies signed the first Public-Private Alliances (PPAs) with USAID in Kabul today. These companies have matched USAID funding, reaching a total investment value of $4.5million.

... read more

ABADE Program Opens Regional Offices in Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat 

03-Jun-2013 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with VEGA/IESC, opened offices for the Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises (ABADE) Program in both Mazar-i-Sharif City and Herat City. In Mazar-i-Sharif, 87 representatives and in Herat, 60 representatives, from local government and private sector businesses, including business women attended.

... read more

IESC Launches Two-Year Trade Development Program in Tunisia 

30-May-2013 Categories: Press Releases Tunisia
On May 20, 2013, the Tunisia SME Project was formally launched by the United States and Tunisia at the Embassy of Tunisia in Washington, DC. The two-year economic growth project is implemented by IESC in partnership with the ... read more

USAID's ABADE Program Opens Regional Office in Herat 

27-May-2013 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases

Afghan business owners struggle to obtain the capital, management advice, equipment, and technologies needed to grow their businesses. Women and youth can make significant contributions to private sector growth but have limited opportunities for economic participation.

... read more

Lesotho Accomodation Grading Workshops Attract Tourism Businesses 

07-May-2013 Categories: Lesotho Press Releases
IESC, in coordination with the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporate (LTDC), is working to develop a standardized, national accommodation star grading program to help boost Lesotho's developing tourism industry. As part... read more
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